Ba Na Hills Vietnam – The road to the heavenly scenery

English Name: Ba Na Hills
Vietnamese Name: Núi Bà Nà, Khu Du Lịch Bà Nà
How to get there: By private car, by bus (follow Tour), or by Taxi
How to visit: Daily Group Tour 1 day, Private Car from Da Nang / Hoi An
  • Entrance fee 650.000 VND/pax (6/2017 – 12/2017)
  • Wax Museum: 100.000 VND/pax
  • Buffet Lunch 225.000 VND/pax
Map: Please see here


Only 25km from Danang, the weather here remains fairly cold for the whole year. On cloudy days the whole of Ba Na is misty and covered by a white blanket of cloud. Needless to say, strolling across the hilltop alongside the clouds is an extremely surreal experience.



Ba Na Hill has a beautiful fantasy theme park that provides plenty of entertainment with games, rides and amusement activities but the real highlight of Ba Na Hills is the cable car.

Few people know that Danang is home to longest, and highest, non-stop cable car in the world — the Ba Na cable car. The only way to reach the Ba Na Hills is via the cable car so if you are scared of heights you might want the rethink this visit.

The cable car system runs from the foot of the Ba Na Mountain to the peak of the neighboring Vong Nguyet Mountain in the Ba Na – Suoi Mo Tourism Area, about 401m west of Danang City.

The 5,042-meter cable car ride takes approximately 15 minutes and is capable of transporting 1,500 passengers per hour. At its highest point the cable car reaches over 1,291 meters above sea level.


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