The Nine Holy Cannons, the celestial security guards of the Hué Citadel

In fact, the Nine Holy Cannons  are the names of the nine cannons which are considered one of the magnificent bronze masterpieces of the highly skilled craftsmen. They were regarded as the patrons and protectors of Hué.

Nine Holy Cannons

The purpose of making the Nine Holy Cannons…

After defeating the Tay Son dynasty, the cannons were constructed by the orders of Gia Long Emperor from 1803 to 1804. People say that the Nine Holy Cannons made of bronze are the perfect reflection of the power.

Nine Holy Cannons

 Where is it?

The Nine Holy Cannons originally were on the left of the Meridian Gate.


Since the early years of the 21st century, they have been moved to 2 different gates in the  Hué citadel.

The first one is The Nhon Gate (in Vietnamese: Thể Nhơn).

Nine Holy Cannons

…and the other is Quang Duc Gate (in Vietnamese: Quảng Đức). The gates are the present-day locations of the Nine Holy Cannons

Nine Holy Cannons

On the side of the The Nhon Gate, they are named based on 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Nine Holy Cannons

The others in the Quang Duc Gate are called depending upon 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Nine Holy Cannons

A few amazing  facts of the Nine Holy Cannons

#1 The Nguyen dynasty  has never used these cannons for fighting or attacking in the war, although they are a type of military weapons. The major purpose is the symbol control and authority. Moreover, it is another way to honor the victories of the emperor Gia Long against the Tay Son brothers.

#2 The craftsmen used 140 tons of bronze for producing the Nine Holy Cannons.

#3 Every cannons are around 17 tons in weight and 5 meters in length.

#4 People professionally covered the Nine Holy Cannons with lively and enormous patterns, how to use them, the paragraphs telling the young about the victories of Gia Long Emperor, etc. All of them are carved into the body of the cannons.

#5 The Nguyen dynasty used to require a group of soldiers working as keepers and organized the imperial ceremonies which took place every year to worship until 1886 because of the war.

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